In general, high-quality field optics are robust and can withstand prolonged use with little or no problem. That said, there is some basic maintenance and care that needs to be performed to help ensure the owner years of enjoyable use of your optic.

First and foremost, common sense goes a long way and if you simply pay attention in the field and take reasonable caution while using your optic, the chance of a will be significantly reduced. Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance and safety suggestions and keeping the lenses covered with the caps provided will also go a long way toward protecting your optic.

The gear you'll need

It is a fantastic idea to keep a small, portable cleaning kit in your gear at all times. This can be as simple as an inexpensive microfiber cleaning cloth but can also include the following:

  • Some disposable, pre-moistened wipes
  • A small fine bristled brush specifically for optics
  • An optics-specific cleaning solution.

It's important to note you should only use cleaning solution that you KNOW will be fine on your glass. It only takes one time using a harsh cleaning agent to irreversibly damage your beloved binoculars! Store your cleaning kit in a small container or sealable bag to keep it relatively free of atmospheric dust and particles. A micro-fiber cloth is no good if it is simply introducing more potentially harmful “grit” to your glass surface. Stuffing it into your pocket while you tromp through the field all week won’t work!

The technique

In a perfect world, you would never touch your glass, but that isn’t possible if you actually use your equipment. First, we recommend that you blow, either with your breath or canned air, any loose dust off all your glass surfaces. While you’re doing that, it’s a great time to try and blow dust out of any cracks and crevices on your optic, such as the hinge or eye-cup assemblies. After you’ve tried blowing the dust away, use your optic-specific brush to sweep away some of the more stubborn debris.

Next, any particulate that remains should be gently wiped away with a microfiber cloth (NOT your shirt tail!). We start in the center and work our way out in a slow and steady circular motion. After this, it is a great idea to use your disposable cleaning wipes to clean any smudges or waters spots from the lenses. All these steps should be performed gently and deliberately. Again, common sense goes a long way...if you think doing a certain thing may cause damage, by all means check with us or the manufacturer before you proceed.

Periodic maintenance in the field, followed up by a more thorough cleaning once you’ve returned home will go a long way in making sure you don’t have issues. Take care of your glass and it will take care of you!

Calling in the pros

As a final note, although most cleaning can be performed by you, some optics manufactures will let you send your optic in for a thorough inspection and deep cleaning for a minimal fee or for free of charge. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us 928-778-1500 or your optics manufacturer. We're here to keep you out in the field with excellent glass!