Examining optics in the store is much different from using them in the field. Scroll down for a discussion of the types of optics that fit your pursuits and cleaning tips to keep your optics at their best.

Also, pictures. Yeah, we have plenty of those. 

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Optics are only as good as their field results. Click to view images of customers' successful hunts.
May be disturbing if you're not used to hunting.


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When our birding friends spot a brown thrasher, we want you to see him, too. View our customer-submitted images. 


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Keeping the Dust Off Your Glass

Worried about how those dusty roads are treating your binoculars? In general, high-quality field optics are robust and can withstand prolonged use with little or no problem. That said, there is some basic maintenance and care that needs to be performed to help ensure the owner years of enjoyable use of your optic. In a perfect world, you would never touch your glass, but that isn’t possible if you actually use your equipment. First, we recommend that you blow, either with your breath or canned air, any loose dust off all your glass surfaces.


Choose The Optics That Are Right For You


Light gathering in early morning and late evening is essential for the hunter. The larger the size of the objective lens, the better the binocular will perform in low light. Here are the optics that make for a successful outing. Read more...


Wide fields of view make it easy to spot birds in woodland environments and scan for animals at a distance, while 10x binoculars give you greater detail for observing raptors, waterfowl, and wildlife in open terrain. Read more...

Scopes &

Everyday, we help customers manage the maze of options they encounter when selecting the right scope. By applying the same criteria we use, you can narrow the overwhelming choices and find the best scope. Read more...

When to

As we become more interested in using binoculars, it's natural to start thinking about an upgrade. But what kid of upgrade? Turns out better glass, not more power, is often the key to a better viewing experience. Read more...

Understanding Optics: A Guide

Go to our definitive guide to understanding optics to clear up misconceptions like more is better when it comes to magnification or bigger objective lenses give a wider field of view. You'll also find glass quality and close focus covered in the guide.