We often hear from customers who are interested in upgrading to a better binocular than what they currently have. Fair enough. Once we deepen our interest in using binoculars, it is natural to be curious about something with a tad more optical quality. However, many will say, for example: “I have an 8x42 binocular. I want to upgrade to a 10x42!”

It’s helpful to know that moving from an 8 magnification to a 10 isn’t necessarily an upgrade. It’s true, a 10-power binocular will help bring the subject a little closer with 20% more magnification than the 8-power bin. But when magnification increases, the field of view (the distance you see side-to-side in your image) decreases. In addition, a 10-power binocular is harder for most of us to hold steady. Another important advantage an 8x42 has over a 10x42 is the brightness of the image. An 8x42 configuration (all other things being equal) will bring more light to your eye, which is especially noticeable in low-light conditions.

So really, the best way to upgrade is to improve the resolution, brightness, color contrast, and crispness of the image. These improvements will significantly enhance your viewing experience. And how do you get them? By getting a binocular with better quality glass. Talk to one of us on the sales staff at Arizona Field Optics. We’ll be happy to help you upgrade without losing the characteristics you love about your current binocular. And while you might be prepared to pay more than you did for the binoculars you have, you don’t have to break the bank. Good optics come in a variety of prices. Plus, we have a number of great sale prices for you to consider. Give us a call and see more clearly this year and beyond. You may never have to upgrade again!

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